Dr. Balasaheb Pawar

Founder President
of P.N.S.&C.M.A.

Dr. Ramling Mali

Executive President
of P.N.S.&C.M.A.

About the Private Nursing Schools and Colleges Management Association

It is glad to inform you that, by your encouragement, co-operation and inspiration, since last five to eight years we all able to overcome on the different questions of Nursing Schools and Colleges in the Maharashtra State being established an Association namely Private Nursing School and Colleges Management Association, Maharashtra State.As perthe Government Rules, the said Association is functioning & registered since 2011.


The main object behind formation of the said association or organization is that in entire country of India there are different associations of employees, teachers and institutions working in the nursing field. By way of these different associations, it is possible to overcome the daily problems faced by the institutions.However, individually it is not possible for any of the institution to raise the grievance before State& CentralGovernment, State Nursing Council,Central Nursing Council, Nursing & Paramedical Board,District Civil Surgeon, before the Bus Depot Manager to get busConcession passes for the students, Trusteebefore the Inspectors who visits for inspection thereby many times gets insulted from such Govt. Servants without any reasons.Now a days, this is the real problem faced by the institutions.

     We have therefore, by your co-operation, decided to form the association at State level so as to get respectable treatment from the State& Central Government, Nursing Councils,Nursing & Paramedical Board, Social Justice Department, District Civil Surgeon, Inspectors and accordingly succeeded in registering the association.

     The State level privateAssociations of the private medical colleges, Dental, Ayurveda, Homeopathic associations have been established acts from the starting of admission process on the basis of CET and representation have been given to each of the division of the Maharashtra State,fo relaxing the strict conditions, for solving the problems of the institutions and from last ten years, near about all the problems and questions of associations have been solved.

     In the medical field, there were associations in all categories, however, there was no association of institutionsgiving full time to the sufferers and therefore, there was no proper justice to such institutions. Furthermore, these institutions were to face many problems at the level of State Council& Central Council.Recently, the Public Health department has given permission on 31.5.2012 to the Government Hospital and thereafter the Primary Health Center, Sub-District Hospital, District Hospital etc. thereby imposed strict conditions in respect of bed distribution. Thus, in the State of Maharashtra, economically it is not affordable for the institutions of having intake of 20 admissions of students in RANM/RGNM courses.

     Furthermore, the Social Justice department is not issuing scholarship and even if it is given,it appears that they are imposing certain strict conditions &burden. Since we are not united, we are compelled to follow such strict conditions as imposed by the Government servant or the government office, this isveryinjustice for us.

     In the month of January, 2012,the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi has framed Rule that from the academic year 2012-13 the admission will be given to RANM nursing course to the students who have passed 12th standard in preferably Science stream instead of 10th standard. For such kind of strict conditions, it is not possible to run the institution in rural regionand also economically it is not feasible.

     Therefore, for the protection and safety of nursing schoolsand colleges it is essential that there should be an association of such schools and colleges. If we are not united then even at local level our opponents will defame us through the female students in nursing and this position is developing day by day.

     In view of above, to solve our problems such as at State level, at the level of Council, in respect of beds at Public Health department, for getting scholarship, to get the bus pass by concession to the students, syllabus, examination, admission process etc. the association has been formed and it is essential for us to be a member of the said association and it is todays need. I know that we are residing at different region in the State and also of different thinking, however, it is necessary for us to show that we are one. In my view, by this way, we are bind to solve all our problems in future at satisfactory.

Success of Association

  • The writ petition filed by our Association PIL No. 72of 2013 the Honble High Court Bombay pass judgment and thereupon struck down the clause of obtaining Govt. G.R as included in state Government Resolution dated 21/03/20005 after Institution found suitable by Indian Nursing Council.Thereafter upon this Judgment of Honble High Court Social Welfare Dept. started reimbursement of GOI Scholarship to ANM/GNM Course for SC/ST category.
  • Thereafter association again file writ Petition No. 8288/2014Honble High court in that view has directed to state Govt.to take necessary action to issue GOI Scholarship to students belonging to NT, OBC & SBC category taking Education in ANM/GNM courses. Also directed to state Govt. that no recovery shall be made in respect of scholarships which is already disbursed wrongly to NT, OBC& SBC category. Therefore, by reference of this court order many Nursing Institutes get relief from recovery by social welfare Dept. and action for filing FIR by SIT formed to search scholarship fraud scam in the Maharashtra State.Hence we have to fight unitedly for justice.
  • Thereafter again, our association filed Writ Petition No. 11260 of 2017 Honble High court in purview of Honble Supreme court judgment that INC has no powers to Inspect & recognize Nursing Institution. Therefore, State Govt. issued Government resolution dated. 13 July 2018 regarding No permission/ approvalrequired form Indian Nursing Council for any Nursing Institutions in the India .
  • Our Association presented several representations for demand of extension of admission date and concern Authorities like DMER ,INC,MNC,MSBNPE, MUHSaccepted and extended cutoff dates of admission during last 4-5 years. Thus supported all nursing schools and colleges in the state to fulfil their admissions with complete intake capacity
  • Now in frontline,more important issues handled by Association like extension of GNM course for next 10 years, as INC has issued circular dated 19 Sep 2019 for closure of GNM course from A.Y. 2021-22 and to upgrade GNM schools into B.sc Nursing, whichis very difficult task for GNM Institutions.In priority, communication is in force with central ministry of Health and Family Welfare and State Govt. Medical Education Dept. And Also need tocancel Common Entrance Test(CET) Started to impose forANM/GNM admission procedure.


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